Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LOVE , BELIEVE, We want to touch hearts


I BELIEVE in love!
I know how love feels!

The artist start arriving after I've prayed a really long time.  For weeks and days.  I talk to each of them about my creative vision.  I can sense that something special is happening.  I meet each of them individually.  I listen to their stories, where they’re from, the dreams they have in their hearts.  I ask each about a moment when their heart felt broken.  I tell them about when mine was broken during the recession and, before that, when my Mama died.  I cry several times  during the process, and a few of them cry along with me.

I share some of the things the piece is about: the brokenness of little girls who have been molested. Brokenness experienced when one gives their all to... a relationship, job, or situation and receives nothing in return.  Brokenness resulting from being born into the wrong circumstances or from a womb of a woman who doesn’t know how to love.  Brokenness from being abandoned!

I know what it’s about, but I don’t know what it is, just yet.  After loving the same man for decades and being committed to providing the best for my three sons, I realize that I have a heightened sensitivity to brokenness.  I can see brokenness from across the room. I’m curious about how one recovers from brokenness to experience sunshine in life. I'm drawn to people who help others on their journey to love, and I find myself exploring this process in my writing, time and time again, whether I want to or not!

With artist streaming through my living room, I create IT while my LOVE is at work.  I don’t tell him what I’m up to.  I'm smiling every day when he comes home, full of energy.  He knows something is going on with me.

It's BELIEVE, the play, a story of two bleeding heart attorneys helping those experiencing brokenness while dangling from the edges of life. 

I love BELIEVE!  I want women, at-risk youth, and disabled people to feel loved and understood. I want to touch hearts . I want someone who has been broken to smile! I hope you will come when it's back up and that it makes you smile.

Meme Kelly
Mom, Wife, Author, Playwright, and Social Entrepreneur

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